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[ 2018-08-07 ]

Recently, the 11th "Goldbei Award" selection sponsored by "The 21st Century Business Herald" was announced, Hwabao Trust won the award of "Excellent Trust Company" with its brand concept and excellent industry performance. This is another heavyweight comprehensive award that Hwabao Trust has won this year, following the 11th "China Excellent Trust Company" award of "Securities Times", the 11th "Sincere Trust" outstanding company award of"Shanghai Securities News".

After 20 years of development, Hwabao people work hard and forge ahead, Hwabao Trust has gradually grown into a strong force in the industry, the company's trust services and asset management capabilities are widely recognized in the market. In 2018, with the improvement of supervision requirements and the implementation of new regulations on capital management, while steadily expanding its business, Huabao Trust is actively promoting the adjustment and layout of business structure, enhancing the active management level, and promoting the development of featured businesses and the process of product innovation. On the basis of maintaining the traditional business advantage, the company actively develops and innovates in the fields of deep industrial financial services, family trust, industrial fund and other service trust, so as to achieve professional development.

Looking forward to the future, Huabao Trust will stick to its original intention and continue to improve the company's business capacity, strengthen brand construction and compliance operation by building a professional team with innovative spirit, so as to advance and achieve new achievements in order to better repay the trust and trust of customers

The selection of "Goldbei Award" for Chinese asset management started in 2008, and the evaluation was conducted from multiple dimensions such as the company's income ability, innovation ability, risk control ability, team quality, market recognition and social responsibility, It is one of the most influential selection activities in the asset management industry.

Source:Baowu News Centre