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[ 2018-08-28 ]

On August 24th, Baosteel Engineering and the China Polar Research Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Natural Resources, held the signing ceremony of the general contract for the construction project (phase II) of the inland summer investigation station (Taishan Station) of Princess Elizabeth, Antarctica. The project will be implemented by Baosteel Engineering Baosteel Construction.

During the exchange, the China Polar Research Center expressed its gratitude for the consistent support given by Baowu, believing that this was the result of mutual trust and cooperation between both parties, reflecting the mission of the central enterprises to the national strategy, and the concrete manifestation of the Antarctic spirit of "patriotism, realism, innovation and struggle". Baosteel Engineering thanks the China Polar Research Center for its long-standing trust. It will fulfill the relevant requirements of Baowu, strive to overcome the arduous natural environment and the pressing construction period in Antarctica, ensure the smooth implementation of the second phase of the Taishan Station project in Antarctica, and embody the "high quality, high efficiency, reliable" corporate image of the Baosteel Engineering in concrete work and details.

Over the years, Baowu has actively participated in the construction of the national Antarctic scientific research, showing a high degree of political and social responsibility in front of the national task. In 1993-1996, Baowu independently developed the first generation of polyester coloured steel products for Antarctica; in 2001, Baowu helped build Baosteel Tower, the power building of the Great Wall Station; in 2006-2008, Baowu won the Tenth Five-Year Capacity Building Project of the Great Wall Station in Antarctica; in 2008-2015, Baowu undertook the construction of Kunlun Station in Antarctica; in 2013 to date, Baowu undertook the construction of Taishan Station in Antarctica.

Taishan Station is located between Zhongshan Station and Kunlun Station in Princess Elizabeth Land, altitude of about 2621 meters, is an Antarctic inland survey summer station, can meet 20 people to spend the summer survey life, the total building area of 100 square meters, life span of 15 years, equipped with fixed-wing aircraft ice and snow runway. Taishan Station will not only be the frontier support for the scientific investigation of Kunlun Station, but also an important platform for the investigation of Mount Grove in Antarctica, which will further promote the field and scope of Chinese scientific investigation of Antarctica.

Source:Baowu News Centre