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[ 2018-08-28 ]

Baosteel is named in "China's top 50 board of directors" which is published recently and jointly conducted by “Fortune” and Aon Hewitt Management Consulting.

This selection is an authoritative inventory for the governance path of the board of directors of Chinese companies which is conducted jointly by global business news leaders and the world's leading human resource management consultancies for the first time. Taking "Fortune" 2018 top 500 enterprises of China as the candidate pool, from the aspect of return on equity, market value growth rate and the absolute value, independent director proportion and board composition quality, finally the 50 companies with the highest composite scores are selected, so as to let the market and more enterprises to know the efficient governance mode of the board of directors , as well as the value on production efficiency improvement of the whole society, the company survival and development and formation of good commercial systems.

Board of directors of Baosteel has run for many years and always dedicated to the standard operation of corporate governance and scientific and efficient operating decision-making, adhered to the principle of openness and transparency, and payed attention to information disclosure, investors management and market value management, it has played an important role in leading the company strategy development, continuous improvement of the operating performance, effective control of operational risks and safeguard the rights and protection of the shareholders’ equity.

Source:Baowu News Centre